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Saving lives by giving people access to reliable and rapid medical test kits.

We Are MedaGlobe

Our company specialize on Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments Trading Import & Export as well as Covid-19 Products such as: Rapid Covid Test & More. Together with "Medical Products" across all around the world! With our products being rated to be some of best on the world & most revolutionary , in the industry of medical products!

Our team are proven experts in the field where they can source and supply your requirements.

- Emergency supply of PPE and testing equipment provided through International Manufacturers & Wholesalers.
-Hospital and Retail Pharmacy supplies of PPE and testing equipment.
-Supermarkets and
FMCG line supplies.

And more which we have on our portfolio!

We Are Your Covid
Solotion We Are MedaGlobe.

The Best Covid Antigen Rapid Test On World.

Detect IgM/IgG Antibodies Yourself With Our Product.

The new long-term protection. Against viruses  and bacteria.

Our Products

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

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Rapid Test

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Anti-Germ Coating

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To contribute our extensive knowledge of medical screening systems and protective gear to medical professionals in hospitals and other medical institutions .

To introduce and support the implementation of innovative medical treatments to replace out dated traditional procedures and technologies.We never compromise in our support of and availability to the hospitals, clinical departments and doctors that we serve. We constantly continue our search for breakthrough technologies that “make a difference”.

our mission.
What type of products do you have?

Our company "MedaGlobe" is focused on Covid-19 related products the most! But we have other products as well most of them medical related!

Who are we?

Meda Globe FZE is a young and aggressive company dedicated to becoming a market leader in the implementation of the latest technologies and treatments in medicine. Meda Globe FZE imports and markets healthcare & medical equipment and consumables all across Europe, Balkans Region, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Test's Band independently recognised amongst the Most Reliable Covid-19 Rapid Test in the world.

Are the MedaGlobe products self-use?!

Yes MedaGlobe offer different Covid-19 related products which all of them can be self-used using the instruction which comes on the box together with the test!

Our products are designed and manufactured for easy-use so anyone can use them.

Are the products certificated?

Our Accreditations are:

CE APPROVED "CE APPROVED - Europe", FDA APPROVED " EUA APPROVED - USA", ISO 13485 Certificated, ANVISA - Brazil, TGA - Australia, FDA PHILIPPINES, MOFCOM - China, ISP - Chile & last but not least, CNR - France!

Find more details on each product page!

How does MedaGlobe handle the shipping?

Our company always only Air Shipping.

Due to the reason of faster supplying to the client & to not damage the products.

MedaGlobe offers worldwide express shipping. Our logistics partners are:

Emirates SkyCargo, Lufthansa Cargo, FedEx Express, DHL Express Parcel & more.

Our Contacts

Meda Globe FZE Business Center, Al Shmookh Bldg, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai U.A.E
+971 58 545 3002+971 50 197 2576Click Here To WhatsApp Us
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