SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kit
(Direct Fluorescence PCR)

Easy operation!No extraction and purification processes.

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Why To Chose Our Product

Our SARS- CoV- 2 Detection Kit ( Direct Fluorescence PCR), is the new PCR test which shorten the testing time from 150 minutes to under 80 minutes! Due to being extraction- free! With very Fast and reliable results in less than 80min .

Know The Technology

This Is How Our Test Was Possible To Be Amongst The Best Tests On The World

Why extraction- free ?

The reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase we use are targeted modified to obtain high resistance to impurities from specimens, like plasma, mucoprotein, metal ions etc .

High resistance to impurities allows to skip the nucleic acid extraction and purification processes, to make the test easier for users.

Product Information

Product Name: SARS -CoV-2 Detection Kit ( Direct Fluorescence PCR)

Coverage Gene!ORF1ab and N genes of 2019- nCoV, sensitive and conservative

Fluorescent Channe FAM VIC and CY5

The Process Which Is The
Best & And The Fastest

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